In Quebec, civil liability is defined as the legal obligation to repair damage caused to others by one’s fault. You could be held responsible for injuries or harms incurred by an occupant of your building or by a visitor. It is recommended to take all necessary measures to prevent accidents and reduce your degree of responsibility.

The following tips can help you protect yourself:

  • Install railings where the difference in level exceeds 24 inches (60 cm): for instance between the ground and a balcony, or between the ground and the entrance to a housing unit in the basement.
  • Install handrails on indoor and outdoor stairs with more than three (3) riser boards.
  • Keep stairs and handrails in proper condition.
  • Repair footways, porches and balconies if damaged to prevent accidental falls.
  • Clear footways and stairs to your house from ice and snow.
  • Secure canopies, antennas and other equipment to make sure they stay in place in high winds.
  • Aboveground pools must be fitted with a self-closure gate.